Copperx Mint is Now Live! 💎

Mint points for every payment, off-ramp, and community engagement!

Copperx Mint is Now Live! 💎
Copperx Mint is Now Live! 💎

Copperx Mint is a loyalty program that recognizes and incentivizes user and merchant activities within the Copperx ecosystem. By accepting payments, off-ramping crypto, and engaging with our community, you can accumulate and multiply points, maximizing your rewards. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a valuable part of the Copperx community!

How to Mint Points?

💰 Accept Payments

Mint 10 points for every $1 accepted. Watch your points multiply as you process more payments. The more payments you process, the higher your rewards!

🔄 Off-ramp Crypto

Mint 10 points for every $1 off-ramp. Increase your points as you off-ramp more crypto. It's a straightforward way to turn your crypto transactions into valuable rewards.

👥 Invite Friends

Invite friends to Copperx and mint a referral boost of 1000 points once they start using Copperx Gateway or Payout. Plus, mint 1 point per $ for every transaction they make. It’s a win-win!

📝 Onboarding Steps

Complete these simple steps to mint extra points:

⭐ Social Star

Share about Copperx Gateway or Payout with your community to mint big points:

  • Twitter Thread: 5000 points
  • Reddit Post: 5000 points
  • Telegram Post: 5000 points

💻 Developer Boost

Integrate Copperx API into your product and mint 10,000 points.

For significant integrations, mint up to 100,000 points with our Developer Boost.

Join the Copperx Mint Revolution!

Copperx Mint is here to transform your interactions into a treasure trove of rewards.

Start minting points today and multiply your rewards with every transaction and engagement. Welcome to the future of rewards with Copperx Mint! 💎✨

Join us today and start minting your Copperx Points


What is Copperx Mint?

Copperx Mint is a reward system designed to recognize and incentivize user and merchant activities within the Copperx ecosystem. These points can be earned through various interactions and engagements on our platform, such as accepting payments, paying, or off-ramping crypto.

How can I mint Copperx Points?

You can mint Copperx Points by accepting payments, paying on Copperx, off-ramping, and participating in social or developer activities.

Are Copperx Points transferable or redeemable for cash?

No, Copperx Points are not transferable and cannot be redeemable for cash.

Do Copperx Points expire? Copperx Points do not expire as long as you maintain an active account.

Where can I check my Copperx Points balance?

You can check your Copperx Points balance by logging into your Copperx account and navigating to the rewards section.