How to start accepting Recurring payments in crypto

Learn how to accept recurring billing over crypto for your website, newsletter, SaaS across multiple networks and currencies.

Recurring Billing

In today's world, accepting payments in cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Cryptocurrency transactions are secure, fast, and efficient, making them an attractive payment option for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, recurring payments are an important part of any SaaS tools. Copperx provides an easy and efficient way to start accepting recurring payments in cryptocurrency.

If you're looking to accept recurring payments in crypto, Copperx is here to help. With two options to choose from, you can start accepting payments in no time. In this blog, we'll go over how to start accepting recurring payments in crypto with Copperx powered by Superfluid using payment links.

We have simplified the process of accepting recurring payments into three main steps.

Create Billing Plan

  1. Log in to your Copperx account and navigate to the Billing tab.
Copperx Dashboard

2. Suppose you want to make a team plan for your product, lets create first subscription plan in the Billing section and name it as Team plan, add its description, set the price, and select the interval.

Create a billing plan in Copperx dashboard

3. Click on Create Plan button and you will be able to see it in dashboard.

Plan dashboard

Once we create a plan, we can create payment link for that particular plan. We can create any number of payment links.

  1. Now Create a payment link and select subscription as the link type.
Create a payment link

2. Choose the Team plan and you can also collect customer information such as email, phone number, billing details, and shipping details.

Choose Team plan and collect customer information

3. Click on Submit button and your payment link will be generated.

Payment link page

Share it with your customer

  1. Copy the link from the payment links page. You can share this link with your customer over WhatsApp, Telegram or Email.

2. This is how the payment page will look like to your users. You can customise page according to your brand.

Checkout page

Monitor your subscriptions in dashboard

As a customer, having a clear view of your subscriptions and their details is vital. Copperx's user-friendly interface provides you with an organized list of your active subscriptions. This list includes essential information such as the subscription start and end date, network name, transaction hash, and sender and receiver addresses. With this information readily available, you can keep track of your subscriptions and ensure they are up-to-date. Copperx empowers you with the tools to take control of your subscriptions effortlessly.

Managing your recurring payments has never been easier with Superfluid dashboard. After setting up your recurring payment, you can watch your tokens stream directly to the dashboard. With just a click away, you can manage your subscription through our customer portal. Hassle-free payments and updates are made available to you, ensuring that your subscription is always up-to-date. Keep track of your tokens and stay on top of your payments with Superfluid dashboard.

Superfluid Dashboard

Note: To create a subscription using payment links, you first need to create a plan in the billing section and ensure that all the necessary requirements are met. Copperx is live on Polygon, accepting USDC for subscription. Future plans include supporting more tokens, offering customers greater flexibility in their payment options.

To enable recurring payments, Copperx has teamed up with Superfluid, the most trusted protocol for token streaming. Superfluid has been extensively audited by Halborn Security, ensuring that customers funds are safe and secure. The integration of Superfluid's technology allows Copperx to provide businesses with a seamless and reliable recurring payments experience in crypto. Throughout the process, Copperx provide helpful tips to learn about Superfluid and token streaming.

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Accepting recurring payments in crypto has never been easier with Copperx's payment links and developer APIs. Whether you prefer a no-code solution or have experience with coding, Copperx has you covered.