Efficiency and Flexibility: How Copperx Invoices Transformed Spacekayak's Crypto Payment Experience

Discover how Copperx Invoices revolutionized crypto payment management for Spacekayak, empowering them to streamline their processes and focus on crafting innovative solutions for crypto companies.

Spacekayak partners with Copperx to empower their business with invoices.

About Spacekayak

Spacekayak is a creative team for early stage founders; a multi-disciplinary team that specializes in crypto research, creating web3 brand and narratives, crafting crypto products, curating on-chain and off-chain experiences, and building scalable design practices.

With a diverse portfolio of web2 and web3 brands from AI, fintech, crypto and more, Spacekayak is at the forefront of delivering innovative and frictionless experiences for their portfolio companies, both online and offline.

With a deep understanding of the unique needs of startups, Spacekayak grounds their ideas into designs, enabling early-stage businesses to stand out and succeed in the rapidly evolving crypto landscapes.

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, efficient payment management is crucial for businesses to move with confidence and Spacekayak recognized the significance of streamlining their payment processes. With a wide range of web3 startups, CopperX’s multichain solution and modularity made it easy for them to receive payments from any chains, across multiple assets.

Upon integrating Copperx Invoices into their payment infrastructure, Spacekayak went from 7 days of invoicing to 24 hours of payment realization! This innovative solution enabled them to overcome the challenges they previously faced and revolutionized their payment processes.

Let's explore the remarkable benefits Spacekayak experienced through their adoption of Copperx Invoices, showcasing how it propelled their business forward in the crypto industry.


Spacekayak encountered challenges when it came to managing payments from their diverse range of clients in web3. Traditional payment methods often fall short in meeting the specific requirements of the crypto industry and they needed a robust invoicing solution that could seamlessly integrate with their workflow and offer the necessary features for crypto payments without hassle.


Spacekayak's search for an efficient payment management solution led them to Copperx Invoices, a game-changer in the crypto invoicing space. By integrating Copperx Invoices into their operations, Spacekayak gained access to a suite of powerful features designed specifically for the crypto industry.

  1. Invoicing Management with Dashboard: Spacekayak found a game-changer in Copperx's user-friendly management dashboard. The intuitive interface provides a centralized platform for Spacekayak's finance team to oversee and manage all their invoicing activities. From creating and tracking invoices to monitoring payment statuses, the dashboard empowers Spacekayak with real-time visibility and control over their invoicing processes. With all the information at their fingertips, the finance team can easily stay organized, identify outstanding payments, and take proactive measures to ensure timely settlements.
  2. Download Invoice: Copperx Invoices has equipped Spacekayak with the functionality to provide downloadable invoices to their customers. This feature enables clients to access their invoices in various formats, such as PDF, facilitating easy storage, printing, and record-keeping. By offering this convenience, Spacekayak ensures that their customers have quick and hassle-free access to their invoices whenever they need them, improving efficiency and reducing administrative burdens.
  3. Currency Conversion: Handling various cryptocurrencies and their respective exchange rates can be a complex task. With Copperx Invoices, Spacekayak simplified the payment process by offering built-in currency conversion capabilities. Clients could now pay in their preferred currency, and Spacekayak received the equivalent value in their desired cryptocurrency, eliminating the need for manual calculations and ensuring transparent transactions.
  4. Custom Branding: Maintaining a strong brand identity is crucial for any business. Copperx Invoices allowed Spacekayak to customize the branding of their invoices, ensuring a consistent and professional image throughout the payment process. This feature aligned with Spacekayak's focus on creating visually appealing experiences for their clients, reinforcing their brand and establishing trust.
  5. Seamless Import of Customer Data: Efficient management of customer data is vital for streamlined operations. Copperx Invoices enabled Spacekayak to import customer information seamlessly using CSV files from other software systems. This integration reduced manual data entry and minimized the risk of errors, enhancing operational efficiency and saving valuable time.

Spacekayak on Copperx Invoices:

*We would like to acknowledge the significant advantage on compliance and regulation for trackability and traceability of our payments.*  *Above that, copperx team were diligent in building a robust, user friendly, complaint business ready software for their early adopters like spacekayak


The integration of Copperx Invoices has transformed Spacekayak's payment management processes. By offering payment acceptance in multiple networks, facilitating currency conversion, enabling custom branding, simplifying customer data import, and providing minimal pricing and exceptional support, Copperx Invoices has become an indispensable part of teams in need of management & custom solutions.

In their own words, it’s so simple, it makes sense.